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Bonn Metals Construction Industries LLC is a leading manufacturer and Supplier of Quality Cable Tray, Cable Ladder with Great offerings in Cable Management Systems. As a professional manufacturer of Cable trays, Cable ladders in Dubai, creating efficient management systems, we have engaged in in-depth research to build designs suitable for electrical power, signal, control and communication of cables for all duty capacities with continual support in the industry.

Rising with our feeds, Bonn Metal Construction Industries (BMCI) has been established as a top tier Cable tray and Cable ladder trader in UAE, extending our lead to over ten other countries partnering with key players in the Middle East, Africa and India.

Our extensive product range ensures support for customer demand and responds rapidly to project timelines for all types of Cable trays and Cable ladders in Dubai and across the UAE. So, whether starting a new major project or refurbishing existing facilities, BMCI will help cover all your Cable tray, Cable ladder, and cable management system needs.

Since BMCI serves as both the manufacturer and supplier of your cabling needs, we help customers make explicit cable tray and cable ladder design with careful, detailed attention that enables easy maintenance and adaptation to new technological development.


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